Emerging issues around exposure to contaminants

  • The Application of Risk Management Methods to the Control of Respirable Dust in Underground Mines — D C Cliff, J Harris, C Bofinger and D Lynas
  • Impacts of naturally occurring radioactive material standards on mining and minerals processing — J Hondros
  • Nano diesel particulate matter - a review — M Tuck

Legislation and corporate responsibilities

  • A change in focus from safety culture to human factors – proposed 'top 11' human factor topics for the Western Australian mining industry – A Chaplyn, R Lardner and J G Pickering
  • The role of codes of practice and guidance in good legislative design to reduce compliance costs and maintain safety – A C Marsden, T P Martin, E C O'Brien and P A Short
  • A new legislative framework for occupational health and safety in the Western Australian resources sector – S Ridge
  • A comparison of hard rock Mine Ventilation Officers' qualifications – M A Tuck

Psychosocial hazard management

  • Setting the foundation for well-being - evaluation of a leader-focused mental health intervention — A M Ellis, T W Casey and A D Krauss
  • The Application of Bow-tie Analysis to the Well-being of Fly-in, Fly-out Mining, Oil and Gas Workers — J Harris, J-A Everingham, P Kirsch, M A Barclay and D Cliff
  • What safety can learn from neuroscience — C Sylvestre

Research developments in health and safety

  • The prevalence of mental health problems in the metalliferous mining sector — C James, R Tynan, J Rich and B Kelly
  • Towards better health and working environment with battery electric underground vehicles — S Kukkonen
  • Defining a zero harm positive safety culture by applying mindfulness based high-performance, thinking strategies — A Schuback

Safety case in the resources sector

  • International theory and practice in the demonstration of 'as low as reasonably practicable' (ALARP) — R Flanagan
  • Improving Risk Assessment Quality — M Goode

Safety management systems and principal hazard management plans

  • Managing major emergencies in coalmines — D Carey
  • Applying input/output science and methods to diagnose safety culture maturity — T Casey and A Krauss
  • Regulatory oversight of mine risk assessments – the Victorian approach — S Farrar
  • A safety turn around — S Hanrahan and S McLaughlin
  • Critical control management - the latest on leading practice and lessons learned — M Hassall
  • Signage, Road Markings and TMPs - the Simple Things that Can Make a Site Safer — S Laybutt and R Cook
  • Improving mine operations safety in a developing country — K R Monro, D W Symonds and I P Simpson
  • Occupational health and safety capability in mining - challenges and opportunities — P Pryor, A Hale, D Borys and D Hudson
  • Traffic management plans - a tool for improving traffic safety and efficiency — D Vagaja

*This is a preliminary list of accepted abstracts and is correct at 1 March 2017